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The Referral Program starts on 01-02-2021 and ends the 31-08-2021.

Only the Host user and his or her Referral who meet all of the following conditions will qualify for the awarding of prizes:

  • 1. The referred user creates an account at CryptoMarket on the basis of an invitation received by a host user, either by QR code or by URL, during the program period.
  • 2. The Referred user performs in one or several operations the purchase of cryptocurrency whose sum in local currency is greater than one of these options:
    • CLP: $100.000 (Chilean Pesos)
    • ARS: $10.000 (Argentinean Pesos)
    • MXN: $2.500 (Mexican Pesos)
    • EUR: 100€ (Euros)
    • BRL: R$500 (Real)
  • 3. The operations of sell of cryptocurrencies will not be counted for the purposes of this program. Only purchases of balances paid in local currency will be posted for the purposes of the program.
  • 4. Referrals from previous programs will not be counted for this program.
  • 5. Only purchase operations made by the referred user will be counted to 35 days from the user's registration date.
  • 6. Hosts or Referral users who violate the Good Faith of this program will be penalized.
  • 7. Prize: Only if the Referred user fulfills all the conditions established for the campaign, both the Host and the Referred user will receive a prize equivalent to 0.0002 BTC. For each Referral user who validly fulfills the program conditions, a maximum of one (1) prize for each Referral user will be qualified for the Host.
  • 8. Receipt of the prize will occur within 24 hours, counting from the execution of the purchase order made by the Referral. This period, however, may be extended in case of unforeseen events that delay the delivery of the prizes.
  • 9. Users who are in the 'Observer' verification level, either as a Host or as a Referral, will not generate any prize for the purposes of this Campaign. This is because they cannot perform any operation through the Platform.
  • 10. This Campaign will be governed by the rules described herein, and those set forth in the Terms of Service. Therefore, those relating to previous Campaigns whose duration has expired will have no value.

Review the general terms and conditions applicable to our Referral Programs at Terms of service. Remember that these are applicable every time you share your ID, URL or your QR code.

CryptoMarket reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Referral Program at any time due to changes in market conditions, risk of fraud or any other factor we deem relevant.
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