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Ethereum price today.

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How the value of Ethereum evolves

Ethereum is a second generation global digital asset born in 2015. Ethereum's purchasing power is fairly uniform around the world. Ethereum's value in Perú is given by its international value and by the relative strength of the Peruvian Sol. A weakening of the Peruvian Sol directly affects a higher Ethereum value, thus functioning as a safe haven. CryptoMarket is a 24/7 open market where the equilibrium value of Ethereum in Peruvian Sol is established, being a benchmark for its price in Perú.

What is Ethereum?

The first decentralized platform based on blockchain technology that allows the creation of agreements with smart contracts.

3 reasons to choose Ethereum


New generation of cryptocurrencies

Access to the new generation of cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is a powerful technology that has forever changed the way we exchange value by enabling intelligent, efficient and automatable transactions, anywhere in the world.


Make smart transactions

Ethereum is a new form of digital value that allows the creation of accounts with logical rules associated with it (intelligent contracts) that drive a new standard of efficient transfers between agents without the possibility of censorship, inactivity or interference.


Discover this powerful global infrastructure

This great shared global infrastructure was developed by the Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization in Switzerland, with the constant contribution of a team of developers passionate about creating the economy of the future and solving global challenges.

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