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Cardano price today

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Cardano price today.

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How the value of Cardano evolves

Cardano's current ranking in the CoinMarketCap index is #7, with a market capitalization of $14,107,857,631 USD. Today you can find ADA available for buying and selling on the CryptoMarket website with an up-to-date price quote. You can also check the charts with statistics that will show you its behavior in the last few weeks.

What is Cardano?

ADA is Cardano's cryptocurrency, a public blockchain platform whose value lies in its decentralized nature. It was founded in 2015 and is one of the cryptocurrencies that uses Proof of Stake (Proof of Stake) as a consensus protocol, which facilitates transactions and has a powerful smart contract system defined.

3 reasons to choose Cardano



It has unlimited scalability potential, fast and inexpensive transactions and a fair consensus mechanism, as well as the possibility of creating decentralized applications.



It is resistant to inflation, as its demand continues to grow and the total number of ADA coins is limited.


Highly secure

The language with which smart contracts are made is functional, fault-tolerant and possesses a high degree of security.

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