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How the value of Bitcoin Cash evolves

The main advantage of Bitcoin Cash is described in its name (cash), because BCH is a much faster payment method than the original Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency also stands out for the speed of its transactions, low costs, ease of use, intuitive mode, reliability and fluidity, which makes it a widely used tool among users. You can quote, buy and track the price of BCH on our Cryptomkt platform.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency and open source project that has its origins in the Bitcoin network split made in August 2017. BCH seeks to make the technology more scalable and thus process more transactions per second, facilitating the use of the cryptocurrency as a means of payment rather than a store of value. As a general rule, Bitcoin Cash transaction fees are lower than Bitcoin.

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3 reasons to choose Bitcoin Cash



Bitcoin Cash is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain that was created in 2017 to address Bitcoin's scalability issue. BCH has a block size of 32 MB, which is significantly larger than Bitcoin, allowing for a higher transaction capacity per second and reducing transaction costs.


Focus on payments

Bitcoin Cash focuses on being a digital currency used primarily for online payments and transactions. Speed and efficiency in conducting transactions are key features of Bitcoin Cash, and its protocol allows for fast and inexpensive transaction compared to other cryptocurrencies.


Active Community

The Bitcoin Cash community is one of the most active in the cryptocurrency world, with a large number of developers, users and advocates. The community is committed to the growth and adoption of Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment worldwide and has undertaken initiatives to improve the usability and accessibility of the cryptocurrency.

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