What is Stellar Lumens?

Stellar is a distributed and hybrid Blockchain that is open-source which connects people and companies to a global payment system, fast and cheap.

Stellar increases the transactions speed

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Stellar | Move money quickly, reliably and for fractions of cents.

It's the infrastructure built to facilitate transfers of value between assets, including payments.

With only one integration into the Stellar Network, you'll join an open, global financial network in which all actors, individuals, payment networks and banks, have equal access and economic participation.

How does Stellar work?

We create a new way to pay in order to redefine the standard of speed, fees, and security.


Transaction rate:

The third generation of Cryptocurrencies reduces the transaction fees and allows the accomplishment of micropayments from anywhere in the world for less than a dollar cent. With one dollar, you can pay up to 100,000 transfers in lumens.


A new transaction speed:

The transactions in the Stellar decentralized network take between 2 and 5 seconds. So Stellar can be up to 500 times faster than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Multicurrency Transactions:

Stellar allows multi-currency transactions between cryptocurrencies and also between fiat pairs. For this, there is a Stellar order book where you can enter the global market by creating buy or sale orders that will allow you to go through very quickly from USD to CLP, from ARS to ETH or from XLM to BTC.


The new way to receive and send payments in seconds worldwide

Better tools


Increase the efficiency and decrease the fees when making small transfers. Offer alternative payment channels to your customers

Better tools

Mobile money

Make money platforms interoperable. Allow your customers to send value to different suppliers using XLM.

Better tools

Services for the unbanked

Stellar cuts some costs that prevent you to provide banking services to new customers. Reach new customers with low-cost digital accounts, credit and micro-savings.


CryptoMarket is your access to Stellar Lumens

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