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Stellar is an open source distributed Hybrid Blockchain that connects people and businesses to a global payment system, fast and at a very low cost.

How to buy Stellar Lumens?

Buy locally

The number of people using the Stellar network for payments and remittances is increasing. With CryptoMarket you can buy and sell XLM with local money quickly and safely in:


How does Stellar work?

We created a new way to pay to redefine the standard of speed, commissions and security.

costos transaccion

Transaction costs:

The third generation of cryptocurrencies decreases transaction costs by allowing micro-payments to be made from anywhere in the world at costs of less than cents. With one dollar you can pay up to 100.000 transfers in lumens.

transaccion rapida

A new transaction speed:

Transactions on the Stellar decentralized network take between 2 and 5 seconds. Therefore we can say that it can be up to 500 times faster than cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Multi-currency transactions:

Stellar allows for multi-currency transactions between cryptocurrencies and also between trust pairs. There is a Stellar order book where you can enter the global market by creating buy or sell orders that will allow you to move very quickly from USD to CLP, from ARS to ETH or from XLM to BTC.

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