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Currently, Tether ranks #3 on the CoinMarketCap index, boasting a market capitalization of $81,112,024,932 USD. USDT is available for trading on platforms like CryptoMKT, where its value is updated in real-time, allowing for direct conversion of USDT to USD among other currencies. The availability of comprehensive charts and statistics helps investors track the stable performance of USDT over time, offering insights into the USDT price and facilitating informed decisions on transactions such as buying USDT, converting USDT to Chilean pesos, USDT to USD, and USDT to Bitcoin.

What is Theter?

Tether (USDT) is the world's first and most widely used stablecoin, representing a pivotal innovation in digital currency. The USDT price is pegged 1:1 with the US dollar (USD), which anchors its stability; this means each USDT token is backed by dollar reserves. In essence, owning Tether (or USDT) is akin to holding a digital dollar. The advantages of USDT include its ease of trading, the safety of digitalization—which mitigates the risks associated with storing physical cash—and the stability of its value, dramatically reducing the volatility typically associated with other cryptocurrencies. This stability is central to understanding what USDT is and its appeal in the market.

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3 reasons to choose Theter


Stable Token

Tether consistently promises to maintain a value pegged 1:1 with the US dollar (USD), aiming to shield holders from the volatility endemic to other cryptocurrencies. This peg is crucial for those looking to understand what USDT is and its function as a stable store of value.


100% Backed

Tether assures that all USDT tokens are fully backed by US dollars, housed within Tether's reserves. This backing is a cornerstone of the trust and reliability investors place in USDT.



In its commitment to transparency, Tether regularly publishes detailed reports on its assets and reserves, reinforcing the integrity and reliability of the USDT to USD conversion and the broader USDT market.

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