What is EOS?

The cryptocurrency without fees, fast and decentralized

EOS is prepared to create Decentralized Applications

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EOS | The future of Decentralized Applications

CryptoMarket wallets allow you to store your EOS in an Easy and Secure way when using high security protocols.

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How EOS works?

EOS is so far one of the platforms where more DApps are generated.



The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications, is a blockchain protocol driven by the native EOS cryptocurrency. The protocol emulates most of the attributes of a real computer (CPU, GPU, RAM, Hard Disk)


EOS Criptocurrency:

Voting system that will allow its holders to choose the future of the DAO and EOS, as well as receive the benefit of Airdrops from many DApps. Transfer speed of 0.5 seconds (half a second) and no cost per transfer.



EOS mining works through 21 DAO (distributed autonomous organization), these are chosen by users through votes, allowing transactions without costs for the user. Voting allows the user to choose a project he wants to support.



By not using mining to generate new blocks, there is an extra flexibility to stop bad actions on the part of any malicious agent. Therefore, EOS gives more protection than other cryptocurrencies by offering freezing of accounts with malicious movements.


CryptoMarket is your access to EOS

First South American market that allows connecting people and companies with the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar network directly

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