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Binance Coin price today.

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How the value of Binance Coin evolves

Binance Coin (BNB) is the native currency of the Binance exchange platform and is also the engine of the Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. From its origins in July 2017, it was intended to become a means for customers to pay lower trading costs on the site, but over the years BNB has evolved and today it is a cryptocurrency that, like other digital assets on the market, fluctuates in value as individuals use and trade it. BNB was born on the Ethereum network and in its first offering 1 ETH was equivalent to 2,700 BNB. They are currently part of the Binance chain BEP-2.

What is Binance Coin?

BNB is the engine of the Binance ecosystem and the native currency of the Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain.


3 reasons to choose Binance Coin


Born on Ethereum's network

In 2017 the first BNB offer was launched through an initial coin offering. The issue price was 1 ETH for 2.700 BNB or 1 BTC for 20.000 BNB


It decreases its offer

100 million BNBs were offered in the initial coin offering, but the current total supply is lower due to periodic burning events, in which Binance destroys BNB held in its treasury.


BNB has several use cases

From paying for transactions fees on the binance chain to book hotels, flights and more.


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