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bitcoinHow the value of bitcoins evolves

Bitcoin is a global digital asset, the purchasing power of Bitcoin is fairly uniform in all countries. The value of Bitcoin in the world is affected by its international value and by the relative strength of the dollar. A weakening of the dollar directly affects a higher value of Bitcoin, thus acting as a safe haven. CryptoMarket is a 24/7 open market where the equilibrium value of Bitcoin in dollars, being a benchmark for its price in the world.

bitcoinWhy buy Bitcoin?

By buying Bitcoin you are being part of a unique revolution in the history of humanity. Bitcoin is the greatest technological and financial revolution since the birth of the Internet. The massive adoption of Bitcoin worldwide could mean a considerable increase in its price in the medium term. Bitcoin is very young and its market is still very volatile, which can create great opportunities for investors who bet on Bitcoin. Own your money, free yourself from the control of governments and central banks that devalue your currency, the opportunity is now.