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Tezos price today.

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How the value of Tezos evolves

XTZ blockchain network is an automatically evolving open source platform designed to host different applications and assets. Tezos reinforces blockchain participation, as members can get involved in network's governance, thus creating financial incentives to operate honestly. In addition, Tezos is used by government agencies such as France's Cybercrime Gendarmerie or the French banking giant Societe Generale, giving it a plus in terms of trust and performance. You can quote, buy and track the price of XTZ on our Cryptomkt platform.

What is Tezos?

Created in 2018, Tezos (XTZ) is a blockchain network that, like Ethereum, is based on smart contracts. Its difers from others offring a more advanced infrastructure, which can evolve and improve over time without risks of splits or forks.

3 reasons to choose Tezos



Its modular architecture and enhancement mechanisms help Tezos to continuously and sustainably improve its functionality, giving users the best service at all times.


Governance by the people

The Tezos platform was built with mechanisms that ensure community governance - an essential component of Web3. Users can evaluate, propose and approve amendments to the network. This empowerment gives added value to the user.



Contrary to Bitcoin's proof of work, Tezos uses "Proof of Stake", a cheaper and less energy-intensive way. This is reflected in the price to pay for using the network.

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