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Why buy Bitcoin?

Today Bitcoin is committed to being the largest reserve of value globally, just as gold was before 1971, the exchange reserve of all fiat currencies. Nixon in that year closed the possibility of the dollar-gold parity, turning the dollar into the currency official.


Why is Bitcoin a store of value-seeking to replace gold or dollar reserves?

Bitcoin has multiple benefits compared to other stores of value such as dollar reserves in central banks or gold.

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These reserves of values, although they are finite, it is impossible to confirm the amount of gold in the world, it is only an approximate number that we know, while the dollars can always continue to increase through a dollar printing by the FED.

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Anti-fraud resistance

While gold is not commonly forged, as gold is in bullion or coins, they are often mixed with other materials such as Tungsten, which has a density very similar to that of gold. Dollars can be counterfeited as banknotes, while Bitcoin protocols prevent all forms of anti-fraud.

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Gold mining is highly concentrated in a few market players, and gold reserves are concentrated in a few world powers countries, so the dollar can only be printed by the FED or be accumulated in other foreign central banks that store this currency. Unlike Bitcoin, it cannot be controlled or manipulated by any entity, making it resistant to censorship.

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Gold is a physical and heavy asset; transporting it is very expensive, as security and paperwork are needed. Along with other limitations of each country transporting gold, the logistics of moving gold complicate the transport. However, like dollars that cannot be transported in significant quantities by flights without declaring them or carrying them in a briefcase, Bitcoin thus becomes more versatile since it can be transported in a few minutes with a small associated cost.

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The smallest unit of gold is a 'grain'. One gram corresponds to 0.0648, about $ 4 as of July 2021. Dividing the gold bars is expensive and requires specialized centers. Its smallest division would be a penny, converted into coins. One bitcoin can be subdivided into a 100,000,000 partition, with the smallest unit being a Satoshi.

Frequently asked questions

How is the price of Bitcoin determined against dollars?

The price of Bitcoin varies based on its market capitalization, so its price changes based on supply and demand. That said, Bitcoin varies according to each fiat currency. It will depend on each fiscal policy for each currency; in the case of dollars, it will depend on its capitalization and fiscal policy.

Why does Bitcoin present high volatility, unlike dollars?

Bitcoin has great volatility because it has not yet reached a large market capitalization and high speculation by large Bitcoin holders, making the market react to relevant news. As a result, the dollar is a consolidated currency with solid support due to the low risk that its country presents. One strategy to escape volatility is through the strategy known as HODL.

What does HODL mean?

Although its intentional misspelling refers to HODL (hold), not to sell at times of high volatility or big drops since the trend of bitcoin has historically been on the rise. This same technique is used in traditional finance under 'passive investing', historically, this strategy has paid more than 'actively investing'.

When to buy Bitcoin?

There is no way to predict changes in Bitcoin prices, and the price fluctuates according to new news relevant to the acceptance/rejection of Bitcoin. If any page/exchange offers safe returns for operating in Bitcoin, it is a fraud unless it is a Stacking service.

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