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We share 30% of our commissions with you forever

How to earn?

Follow these simple steps to earn 30% of the commissions generated by your referrals:

1. Log in to your account at

2. On the right side of your wallet, you'll find a link to share.

3. Copy the link, send it to your contacts, and share it on your social networks. If you have friends in the crypto ecosystem, invite them to register on the best platform in Latin America and start earning now and forever.

4. Your earnings will be deposited into your CryptoMKT wallet weekly in USDT.

5. The more transactions your referrals make, the more you earn!

* To join the program, you must accept our terms and conditions. We ensure compliance with current regulations regarding investment advisory and offering of financial instruments. The referrer - under no circumstances - may provide investment recommendations on behalf of CryptoMKT, nor may they intervene in the decision or execution of operations or orders of the referred users.

Receive your earnings without limits forever

You earn every time your referrals buy or sell any cryptocurrency on our platform.

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The CryptoMKT referral program is designed to help you earn USDT for every person you invite who trades on the platform. For every transaction, we'll share 30% of the fees paid by your referral for using the platform with you.

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No Limits

For every transaction made by your referrals, you'll earn 30% of the generated commissions indefinitely. No minimum or maximum amounts.

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How to Generate Income?

Very simple. Just have a CryptoMKT user account and share your link with everyone you know. The more referrals you have, the more income you'll generate!

The best referral program in the cryptocurrency market

Earn with CryptoMKT!

Trust and security

More than six hundred fifty thousand users registered with CryptoMKT trust us.

Weekly payments

Every week, we'll deposit your earnings into your CryptoMKT account in USDT.

Trust and security

More than six hundred fifty thousand users registered with CryptoMKT trust us.

Weekly payments

Every week, we'll deposit your earnings into your CryptoMKT account in USDT.

Become a CryptoMKT referrer and earn

Invite everyone you know to trade on our platform

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum or maximum. You earn 30% of the fee or commission for each transaction made by your referrals on the platform.
There are no limits. The more transactions your referrals make, the more you earn.
Deposits are made weekly.
We'll deposit into your CryptoMKT wallet in USDT.
  1. General Objectives of the Referral Program

    1. CryptoMarket Values

      1. Our goal is to broad the knowledge and adoption of crypto assets, providing more people with the opportunity to experience first hand the use of these digital tools as a gateway to innovative and advanced financial services.
    2. Community Recognition

      1. To incentivize and acknowledge the effort of our customers in promoting our ecosystem, we have developed an exclusive rewards program that rewards our allies for their active collaboration in expanding our crypto asset community.
  2. Definitions

    1. Referrer

      1. Registered users on the platform who actively and in good faith promote our services by inviting new users to join our platform.
    2. Referred

      1. Any natural or legal person who registers on CryptoMarket in response to an invitation from a Referrer. The Referee must be a new user, without previous registrations or accounts on our platform.
    3. Reward

      1. A set of benefits or incentives awarded to Referrers as recognition for their collaboration in growing our user network. These rewards are based on meeting specific criteria and conditions set forth in this program, including but not limited to, the number of new Referred users and the activity generated by them on the platform.
    4. New User

      1. A New User is any natural person or legal entity that registers on CryptoMarket and has not previously maintained an account or registration on our platform.
  3. Requirements

    1. General Requirements

      1. Both the Referee and the Referrer, in the case of natural persons, must be over 18 years of age.
      2. Compliance with the requirements outlined in the general terms and conditions of the platform is required. Eligibility for rewards will be determined after verifying compliance with these conditions by both Referrers and Referees.
      3. Eligibility for rewards will be determined after verifying compliance with all the required program requirements by both Referrers and Referees.
      4. Both Referrers and Referees must comply with all applicable laws and regulations for their jurisdiction.
      5. CryptoMarket will decide, based on its Know Your Customer (KYC) and compliance policies, whether or not to accept potential users referred by the Referrer.
      6. CryptoMarket's refusal to accept one or more Referees as users will not create any liability for CryptoMarket. Furthermore, the Referrer will not have the right to claim for this decision.
      7. Only exchange transactions made through the Simple service will be able to generate rewards.
      8. To qualify for rewards in our Referral Program, each referred transaction must generate a reward of 0.01 USDT or more. Transactions that generate rewards less than this amount will not be eligible.
    2. Referrer Requirements

      1. Must be a user authorized to operate through the platform and maintain compliance with information requirements during the referral and throughout the program.
      2. Referrers can be natural persons or legal entities.
    3. Referred Requirements

      1. Must be a new user, without any previous account on the platform. A user who deletes their platform registration and creates a new user during the campaign will not be considered a new user.
      2. Referees can be natural persons or legal entities.
      3. The Referee must complete the registration process using the link or code provided by the Referrer. Using the code or link at the time of registration is an essential requirement for acquiring the right to receive the reward or prize from the Referrer. Merely giving the Referee their code or Link and the lack of its use at the time of registration does not grant any reward right to the Referrer, so it is the Referrer's sole responsibility to ensure that the Referees use their code or link.
      4. The Referee must successfully complete the customer knowledge procedures and transactions.
  4. Program Reward

    1. Reward

      1. Referrers will receive as a reward 30% of the fees generated by the exchange transactions made by their Referees.
      2. This percentage will be calculated on the fees of the transactions made by the Referees and the record will automatically be communicated to the Referrer's account.
      3. Transactions that generate rewards of less than 0.01 USDT, as well as fees paid for fiat or crypto asset deposits and withdrawals and the Exchange Pro service, are excluded from the program. The valuation of eligible rewards will be based on the prices of the operation on the day they are carried out, respectively
      4. Rewards will be delivered weekly in USDT crypto assets.
      5. There is no reward limit, nor a limit to the number of Referees.
    2. Duration of Reward Benefit

      1. Rewards obtained from exchange transactions made by Referees are granted for an indefinite period. This implies that as long as the program is in effect and the Referees continue operating on the platform, Referrers will continue accumulating their rewards. Once the program ceases to be in effect, this means that new referrals will not be generated, but those entered previously will continue producing benefits for the allies. However, this benefit will cease if there is any non-compliance with the terms and conditions of both the platform and the Referral program itself.
      2. However, this benefit will cease if there is any non-compliance with the terms and conditions of both the platform and the Referral program itself.
    3. Reward Delivery

      1. The delivery of the reward will be weekly, without prejudice that the information update will be carried out daily. In case the corresponding prize has a unit smaller than the minimum display unit on the platform, it will accumulate until this unit is met.
      2. Delay in the delivery of the reward does not provide any benefit or profitability.
      3. The Referrer is solely responsible for complying with the tax obligations arising from the increase in income in their country of residence from the rewards received.
      4. If the Referrer loses access to their account and does not notify CryptoMarket immediately, the delivery of rewards will be limited to payments made in the original account, without the possibility of making payments in alternative accounts.
      5. Furthermore, upon closing their account, whether by their own will or by a justified decision by CryptoMarket, the Referrer will lose any right to unearned rewards, even though the referred users remain active on the platform.
  5. Conditions and Limits of the Referral Program

    1. Nature of the benefits

      1. Rewards will be individual, non-inheritable, non-transferable, and non-assignable among users.
    2. Good Faith Obligations for Referrers

      1. Referrers may promote benefits or features of CryptoMarket, provided they act diligently and in Good Faith. This includes:

        1. Informing their Referees honestly about the services and functionalities provided by CryptoMarket.
        2. Informing their Referees about the risks of investing in crypto assets.
        3. Refraining from making investment recommendations.
    3. Allowed Channels for Promotion:

      1. YouTube channels.
      2. Informational and enthusiast websites.
      3. Shared information on social media.
    4. Prohibited Practices and Bad Faith

      1. Referrers must always act in good faith. By doing so, they can promote our services, provided they do so honestly, avoiding promises about profitability or giving investment advice.
      2. The use of paid or mass advertising is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from CryptoMarket. Also, Referrers must not influence the investment decisions of Referees.
      3. Behaviors considered in bad faith include, but are not limited to, the following actions by Referrers:

        1. Issuing messages that promise, commit to, or guarantee profitability regarding the outcome of operations with crypto assets.
        2. Third-party claims reporting non-compliance with the platform's terms and conditions.
        3. Attempting to deceive the Know Your Customer (KYC) system.
        4. Creating additional accounts using the same name, email, or phone.
        5. Registering using bots, fictitious identities, or fake emails.
        6. Sending unsolicited mail to new users.
    5. Intellectual Property Protection

      1. The use of any intellectual property belonging to CryptoMarket, including but not limited to trademarks, logos, and any other copyright-protected material, is strictly subject to prior and explicit authorization by CryptoMarket. Any misuse, unauthorized reproduction, or infringement of CryptoMarket's intellectual property may result in legal action, including civil and criminal liability, as well as the immediate exclusion of the participant from the Referral Program.
    6. Consequences of Non-compliance and Referral Policies

      1. The rejection or closure of Referred user accounts to the platform will not result in any benefits for the Referrer.
      2. Moreover, any non-compliance with the general terms and conditions of the platform results in the loss of accumulated but not withdrawn rewards, without the right to compensation.
      3. It is the Referrer's responsibility to strictly adhere to the Customer Knowledge and Transactions policies, recognizing their critical importance in maintaining a transparent and secure ecosystem.
  6. Validity and Modifications of the Program

    1. Modifications

      1. The program is indefinite in duration. However, it may be modified with prior notification to users.
  7. Others

    The relationship between CryptoMarket and the Referrer is of an independent nature, not establishing an employment or agency relationship. The Referrer agrees to release CryptoMarket from any claim, whether judicial or extrajudicial, arising from their Referees as well as from third parties.

    CryptoMarket reserves the right to exclude any participant from the program if, in its judgment, they fail to comply with the program's regulatory framework.

  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the main goal of the CryptoMarket Referral Program?

      1. The CryptoMarket Referral Program, a leading platform in financial services and crypto assets, seeks to expand knowledge and adoption of cryptocurrencies. It offers users a direct experience with our tools, thus strengthening our cryptographic ecosystem and promoting financial innovations.
    2. What type of rewards are offered in the program and how are they calculated?

      1. At CryptoMarket, Referrals earn 30% of the fees generated by the exchange transactions made by each Referral, as long as the reward earned exceeds the minimum of 0.01 USDT. This calculation is based exclusively on transaction fees made through the Simple service.
    3. What are the eligibility requirements for Referrers and Referred?

      1. Referrers must be active users and comply with the information requirements of CryptoMarket. They can be natural or legal persons, respecting the laws and regulations of their jurisdiction. Referees must be new users, without previous accounts on CryptoMarket, and complete the customer knowledge and transaction procedures.
    4. How does the reward program mechanics work?

      1. In the CryptoMarket program, Referrers share a Referral link. Referees must sign up using this link. Rewards are generated when both comply with the enabled user requirements and carry out transactions through our advanced crypto asset services.
    5. Is there a limit on the amount of rewards or Referred a participant can have?

      1. At CryptoMarket, there is no limit on the amount of rewards or the number of Referees. This means unique opportunities for users who actively promote our cryptocurrency platform and digital financial services.
    6. What are the conditions and limitations on the delivery of rewards?

      1. Rewards at CryptoMarket are delivered weekly in USDT, with information updates performed daily. Fees for depositing or withdrawing fiat money or crypto assets are excluded from the reward calculation, ensuring transparency and fairness in our Referral Program.
    7. What practices are prohibited in the program and what are the consequences for non-compliance?

      1. At CryptoMarket, we promote good faith practices. Messages promising guaranteed profitability, attempts to deceive our KYC system, and misuse of QR codes or URLs are prohibited. Non-compliance results in the loss of accumulated rewards and reinforces our commitment to a safe and transparent cryptographic ecosystem.

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