Service Rates

CryptoMarket makes proactive efforts to deliver the best service at low rates.

Simple transactions

Simple buySimple sell

Market transactions

Market transactions occur when a market order is executed, and can be of any type: Market Taker or Market Maker

The rate applied will depend on the volume traded during the last 7 days and is recalculated every hour. This means that you can go up or down in level from one hour to another depending on what you trade, always considering the last 7 days

Volume traded in 35 daysMarket Maker rateMarket Taker rate

Deposits and Withdrawals Bank Transfer

InstrumentDeposit rateWithdrawal rate

Deposits and Withdrawals cryptocurrencies

InstrumentDeposit rateWithdrawal rate

Deposits and withdrawals Mercado Pago

InstrumentDeposit rateWithdrawal rate
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