What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that initiates the development and massification of the Blockchain technology in the world.

How to buy Bitcoin?

Bank transfer

In CryptoMarket you can buy through bank transfer and/or Mercado Pago (available for Argentina and Brazil). After making and notifying your transfer in pesos, you will have the balance available to buy cryptocurrencies in CryptoMarket

Buy and sell Bitcoin

CryptoMarket has an open market of 4 cryptocurrencies, which you can sell and exchange with one of the best rates on the market.


How does Bitcoin work?

The Blockchain network that starts Cryptocurrencies.



The Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the first digital representation of money that does not need centralized bodies to validate transfers on your network. This is achieved through the use of Blockchain technology that allows for decentralized transaction veracity.

mineria bitcoin


The power of millions of computers safeguard Bitcoin Cryptocurrency through an open, decentralized software protocol.



The Bitcoin cryptocurrency network protocols allow for reliable and secure global transfers.

CryptoMarket is your access to Bitcoin

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