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How is the price of Bitcoin calculated today?

The value of Bitcoin today is presented as a form of supply and demand, as the market capitalization drops, the price will drop as there is a limited supply of 21 million coins.

How to buy Bitcoin today?

You can do it through CryptoMarket, today we have more than 50 cryptocurrencies and the lowest commissions in Latin America, we aim to be the largest digital asset exchange for LATAM.

Why does Bitcoin present high volatility today?

Bitcoin today has great volatility since it has not yet consolidated as a currency because it has not yet reached a large market capitalization, together with high speculation by large Bitcoin holders, makes the market react to relevant news. To the extent that Bitcoin today accumulates the wealth of gold, it will present less volatility.

When to buy Bitcoin, is today the best time?

It is not possible to predict the rise or fall of the price of Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin that has today is the price according to the current news that refers to the consolidation of Bitcoin.