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Ethereum is a second generation global digital asset born in 2015. Ethereum's purchasing power is fairly uniform around the world. Ethereum's value in Chile is given by its international value and by the relative strength of the Chilean Peso. A weakening of the Chilean Peso directly affects a higher Ethereum value, thus functioning as a safe haven. CryptoMarket is a 24/7 open market where the equilibrium value of Ethereum in Chilean pesos is established, being a benchmark for its price in Chile.

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The world is changing much faster than we imagine. The new generations are betting heavily on new financial assets like Ethereum, which is not dependent on the traditional financial system. A financial revolution is being born and you can be part of it.

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Ethereum is a second generation cryptocurrency, born to extend the functionalities of Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency at the time. By buying Ethereum you are being part of a unique revolution in the history of humanity. Ethereum incorporates the functionality of Smart Contracts, a new way of establishing agreements between parties without the need for trusted intermediaries to fulfill it, being one of the largest technological and financial revolutions since the birth of Internet. The mass adoption of Ethereum worldwide could mean a considerable increase in its price in the medium term. Ethereum is very young and its market is still very volatile, which can create great opportunities for investors who bet on Ethereum. Don't stay out, diversify your investments and join the revolution.

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